Kirkcaldy Spiritualist Centre


Flower Service - 25th June

Join us for a special evening with Linda Buchan from Stirling. Linda will conduct a Flower Service, connecting you with a loved one from Spirit using a flower as a bond of love between you and your loved one.

Please remember to bring a flower along if you would like a chance to receive a message. (the flower can be bought or from your garden)

Starts at 7.30 pm, Price for members is £3.00 and non members £5.00

Beginner's Workshop - Saturday 15th September

Take the first step towards working for Spirit.

This day will introduce you to developing your psychic abilities, and help you to understand how to work with energy and colour.

You will also learn about the difference between psychic and Spirit, and how we link with Spirit.

Starts at 10am until 3pm, Price for members is £10.00 and non members £15.00 including lunch.